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ULTIMATE RACING CHAMPIONSHIP is a game with modern speeding gears and gadgets. Hey Racers! Can you handle our thunder top Speeding Extreme, Reckless, No limit GAME? Its Speed Racing, Its fast racing. Its fun drifting. Need More Speed? Forget Fast & Furious episodes. Enjoy Real Car Drift, dragging, Racing and Speeding and crushing on the track. Street Racing championship was not better before. City Car competition becomes challenge for top Road Warriors and rivals. Formula drivers are staring at YOU. Setting a new standard for mobile racing games – it really... Must be experienced to be believed. Don’t tell your friends, YOU haven’t tried it. Even Checkered racing flags are stunned. City Racing, Track Racing, Speeding desires, Traffic killers, Cross Cars, Moto, Hill Speeding, Highway dashing, Rushing, high-performance, simulator, flying cars, Raging, Nitro, Racing Girls, Speedy Death Wishes, all Racing levels can be experienced here.Features:- Enjoy Multiple levels- Different Control Types- Clean User interface - Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and impact-crash sound effects - High-quality game. - High speed street racing on your mobile like never before- High-speed. One of the best Android Racing Game- Hit the ramps and take the race above the track- Test Your Skills!- Excellent Gameplay!- Surprising Game Experience! ultimate street racer on the blog.